September 25, 2023


Jeffrey Augustine, the founder and editor of CrimeBeat News, is an investigative journalist and California-based licensed private investigator. Mr. Augustine is best known for his blog The Scientology Money Project and specializes in investigating white collar crimes, money laundering, and organizational corruption in both religion and business.

Jeffrey Augustine is married to Karen de la Carriere, a former high-ranking Scientologist who trained under L. Ron Hubbard on his Flagship Apollo. Karen rose to become a Class XII C/S in Scientology. This is the highest ranking auditor in Scientology. Karen de la Carriere was married to Heber Jentzsch who served as the President of the Church of Scientology for 40 years. Karen and Heber divorced in 1990. They had a son named Alexander Jentzsch (1984-2012) whose death under mysterious circumstances at age 27 became an international news story.

Karen de la Carriere publicly left Scientology in 2010 and began speaking out against the organization. As a result, her son Alexander was ordered to disconnect from her. Jeffrey Augustine and Karen de la Carriere married shortly thereafter in 2011. When Alexander died in 2012, the Church did not inform Karen of his death and she found out through the kindness of a person still in the Church who risked much to tell her.

Scientology leader David Miscavige issued a notorious and sadistic order denying Karen the right to see her dead son Alexander and kiss him goodbye one last time. In response to David Miscavige’s malicious sadism and the malicious Fair Game programs of Scientology, Augustine created the Scientology Money Project to systematically expose the secretive financial, criminal, organizational, occultic and Master Race aspects of Scientology.

The Scientology Money Project became part of the larger global effort of former Scientologists, lawyers, journalists, documentarians, bloggers, and other good people to dismantle this criminal organization. “It takes dedicated people with different talents, approaches, and methods to take apart the multibillion dollar Scientology Cult,” Augustine declared.

Augustine’s goal, along with so many others, is to see the IRS revoke the Church of Scientology of its 501(c)(3) religious tax exemption. Again, as with so many others, Augustine considers Scientology to be a transnational criminal syndicate operating as a business, which business is masquerading as a religion in order to gain the First Amendment protections of a religion.

By systematically stripping away and exposing the structure of Scientology, the inner core of Scientology can be seen as a psychoterrorist organization running a wealth extraction scheme. Augustine has exposed Scientology’s ties to corrupt South American police generals, white collar criminals, con artists, dirty cops and PI’s, and other bad actors.

Jeffrey Augustine has spent the last 16 years researching, investigating, and reporting on crimes and related stories ranging from financial fraud to cults and everything in between. In 2014, Mr. Augustine uncovered $1.7 billion in Scientology money buried in obscure IRS 990 forms. This was the first time evidence had been discovered which exposed some of the ways Scientology conceals their assets.

Most recently, Mr. Augustine reported on a $1.8 billion dollar Ponzi scheme involving GPB Capital Holdings of New York City. He discovered that Russian mob money helped fund GPB Capital during its start-up period. GPB Capital is owned by Scientologist David Gentile, who was arrested by the FBI in February 2021 along with Jeffry Schneider and Jeff Lash.

Mr. Augustine has appeared on Leah Remini’s Emmy award winning show Scientology and the Aftermath (Season 2, Episode 9and has been quoted by the Daily Mail, Fortune, Forbes, Money, and other mainstream media. Mr. Augustine is often asked to consult on matters of litigation and participates frequently in podcasts due to his vast knowledge and expertise on related topics.

“In the course of my journalistic and investigative work, I’ve run across all kinds of shady characters. The public has the right to know who these bad actors are, and I felt the time was right to launch CrimeBeat News” said Mr. Augustine.

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