December 1, 2023

There’s been a development in a story CBN has been following, an unlicensed private investigator and former NYPD Detective, Michael Moretti a/k/a Michael Cruz a/k/a Yanti Greene a/k/a Michael Moretti Ford Cruz was found guilty of criminal contempt in a high-profile New York sexual assault case (Index 605603/2019) and ordered to pay the plaintiff $350,000 in fines and penalties.

Moretti a/k/a Greene a/k/a Cruz was an NYPD Cop Before Becoming a P.I.

The Plaintiff, a Long Island woman, and the subject of a 2018 private investigation, alleges that Moretti a/k/a Cruz a/k/a Greene, while working as a private investigator, raped her and unlawfully recorded her intimate body parts during the sexual assault. At the time of the assault, Moretti a/k/a Greene was working for polygraph examiners Dan Ribacoff and Lisa Ribacoff’s firm, International Investigative Group (IIGPI), who employed him to surveil the subject.

Ribacoff has appeared in the past as the polygraph expert on NBC Universal’s the Steve Wilkos Show, and it is believed that his company continues to supply polygraph services to the syndicated talk show, despite all the allegations he and his family are facing due to this case and other developments. Most recently, Dan and Lisa Ribacoff lost their contract with NY MTA Police to supply polygraph examinations for new job applicants, after a string of racist text messages, allegedly sent by Ribacoff, were published by the NY Daily News.

In this text message allegedly sent by Dan Ribacoff on September 15, 2017 at 12:18 PM EDT is an image containing the following headline: “You’ve heard of Elf on the Shelf, now get ready for.” Below the headline is an image of the Disney version of the Winnie-the-Pooh character “Tigger” positioned on top of the head of a young black boy, which apparently is meant to rhyme with the headline.



Greene a/k/a Cruz a/k/a Moretti Accused of Raping and Unlawfully Recording Plaintiff

 According to a 17-page decision, New York Supreme Court Justice Sharon Gianelli ruled that Moretti a/k/a Cruz a/k/a Greene intentionally violated multiple court orders by concealing and altering video evidence of Moretti a/k/a Greene a/k/a Cruz allegedly raping and sexually assaulting the Plaintiff inside a vehicle he used to surveil her.

Moretti a/k/a Greene was Cross-Examined by Former Brooklyn Prosecutor Julie Rendelman

Following a two-day trial, Moretti a/k/a Cruz a/k/a Greene was found guilty of both civil and criminal contempt and ordered to pay the Plaintiff, the alleged rape victim, over $350,000.00 in fines and penalties.

Still Image from Video Footage Discovered on Michael Moretti’s a/k/a Yanti Greene’s Phone Depicting an Allegedly Incapacitated Plaintiff Being Sexually Assaulted by Moretti / Greene

Michael Moretti a/k/a Yanti Greene Using Multiple Aliases to Evade Judgements

Michael Moretti a/k/a Yanti Greene a/k/a Michael Cruz’s Changing Appearances (left) Delaware Order Granted Name Change to “Michael Moretti Ford Cruz” (right)

Moretti a/k/a Greene a/k/a Cruz is allegedly attempting to evade the $350,000 judgement he was ordered to pay the Plaintiff, following his New York criminal contempt conviction earlier this year, using multiple aliases, names, locations, and business entities. The Plaintiff has recently filed a second motion to hold Moretti a/k/a Greene a/k/a Cruz in criminal contempt for violating the terms of the original judgement.

Michael Moretti a/k/a Yanti Greene Flees New York, hired by City of New Orleans as “Emergency Management Section Chief”

Michael Cruz a/k/a Moretti a/k/a Yanti Greene was Allegedly Hired by The City of New Orleans as their Emergency Management Section Chief

Shortly after the Plaintiff filed suit against Moretti a/k/a Cruz a/k/a Greene for rape and sexual assault, the P.I. allegedly fled New York, ended up in New Orleans, and legally changed his name from “Yanti Michael Greene” to “Michael Moretti Ford Cruz” by filing an application with the State of Delaware, without informing the New York Court at the time. The name change may explain how Moretti a/k/a Michael Cruz a/k/a Yanti Greene likely evaded background checks by the City of New Orleans, who ironically hired him as their “Emergency Management Section Chief.”

Moretti a/k/a Cruz a/k/a Greene Allegedly Partnered with Go X Scooter Rental Company


Moretti a/k/a Cruz a/k/a Greene Allegedly Forms Company and Partners with Go X Rental Scooter Co

It is our understanding that Yanti Greene a/k/a Michael Moretti a/k/a Michael Cruz recently left the employment of the City of New Orleans and formed a new corporate entity under the name “The Moretti Group Inc.” in April of 2022, with “Michael Moretti” listed as its principal. His new business entity, “The Moretti Group Inc.” is believed to have “partnered” with Go X, an app-based electric scooter rental company. Moretti a/k/a Cruz a/k/a Greene a/k/a Ford is supposedly leasing and repositioning scooters for Go X within the City of New Orleans.

Moretti a/k/a Greene a/k/a Cruz Fired after Failing Two Polygraph Examinations

Greene a/k/a Moretti a/k/a Cruz allegedly failed two polygraph examinations related to his inappropriate physical contact with the subject he surveilled for IIGPI

According to court documents, after retiring as a detective from the NYPD, Moretti a/k/a Cruz a/k/a Yanti Greene worked as an unlicensed private investigator for International Investigative Group (IIGPI) of Rockville Centre New York, a firm owned and operated by polygraph examiner Dan Ribacoff, polygraph examiner Lisa Ribacoff, and Lance Ribacoff. Moretti a/k/a Cruz a/k/a Greene was allegedly terminated by the Ribacoff’s in 2018 after failing two polygraph examinations related to his alleged inappropriate physical contact with the female subject (now Plaintiff) he surveilled for the Ribacoff’s. Greene’s back-to-back failed polygraph exams were a clear indication that IIGPI was fully aware of the inappropriate conduct taking place between its P.I.’s and the subject of their private investigation.

Accusations Against other P.I.’s Named in Plaintiff’s Sexual Assault Lawsuit

In addition to Moretti a/k/a Greene a/k/a Cruz, the lawsuit filed by the Plaintiff alleges that New York State Licensed Private Investigator Richard Custodio of Levittown, NY, who is believed to be working for Radius Investigations Inc. a/k/a Guardian Security of Deer Park, N.Y., raped the former subject (Plaintiff) inside her private residence while surveilling her in 2018 for IIGPI. Following the alleged rape, Custodio allegedly stalked the subject (Plaintiff) after being reassigned to other cases by IIGPI in early 2018, according to Facebook friend requests he apparently sent to the Plaintiff, telephone recordings of him allegedly communicating with the Plaintiff, and text messages he allegedly sent containing references to intimate physical contact he initiated with the Plaintiff. In addition, according to court documents, Custodio’s mother had obtained an order of protection against him prior to the Plaintiff’s alleged rape.

The lawsuit alleges that former NYPD police officer turned P.I., Ferdinand “Fred” Caravousanos of Babylon, NY, who operates Ocean Vue Sport Fishing Charters, sexually assaulted the Plaintiff at Long Island venues he surveilled her at for IIGPI. According to court documents, several eyewitnesses have provided sworn testimony supporting allegations against Caravousanos, claiming they observed the P.I. approach and initiate inappropriate physical contact several times with the subject (Plaintiff), which included touching private body parts and intimately kissing the Plaintiff on her mouth, both inside and outside venues she frequented with friends and family in 2018 and 2019. In addition, Caravousanos was allegedly recorded trespassing and communicating with the subject at her private residence in late 2018.

The complaint also alleges that Yanti Greene a/k/a Moretti’s co-worker, retired Greenwich Connecticut Police Officer and contractor for New York based Black Tie Security, James Marr (a/k/a Jimmy Marr) of Westerly R.I., who was hired by IIGPI in 2018 to surveil the Plaintiff, engaged in a long-term sexual relationship with the Plaintiff’s friend at the time, former Senator Alfonse D’Amato’s wife, Katuria D’Amato. While working for IIGPI, Marr allegedly socially interacted with the subject (Plaintiff) at numerous venues where he was assigned to surveil her and allegedly maintained a sexual relationship with D’Amato in the evenings at local hotels.

James Marr (left) Katuria D’Amato (right)

Text messages allegedly sent by James Marr to Yanti Greene a/k/a Cruz a/k/a Moretti appear to confirm intimate sexual contact between Marr and Katuria D’Amato, his surveillance subject’s friend at the time. According to the text messages, Marr was concerned his alleged affair with D’Amato would get back to his wife and appeared to have made a deal with Dan Ribacoff of IIGPI, his former employer, to keep the affair under wraps.

Text Messages Allegedly Sent by James Marr Appear to Confirm his Affair with Katuria D’Amato

In addition to the text messages discovered during the litigation, a sworn affidavit provided by a P.I. working for Dan Ribacoff, and Marr’s co-worker at the time, appear to support the existence of a sexual relationship between Marr and D’Amato. According to the P.I.’s affidavit, he apparently walked in on Marr and D’Amato while they were in bed together, at a hotel used by IIGPI investigators to surveil the subject (Plaintiff), D’Amato’s former friend. The “third investigator” the P.I. refers to in his affidavit is believed to be James Marr, who allegedly shared the hotel room with him at the time.


Portion of sworn affidavit provided by Marr’s co-worker, who allegedly walked in on Marr and D’Amato in bed together

The facts in this case scream loudly for immediate action by New York State regulators. Why hasn’t New York’s Department of State, the State Attorney General, and local District Attorneys acted against the Ribacoff’s, IIGPI, and these private investigators? Why is IIGPI still licensed to operate as a private investigation firm? Why is NBC Universal still contracting with the Ribacoff’s for polygraph services?

The alleged actions of IIGPI, the Ribacoff’s, and the individual P.I.s named in this lawsuit, which involve massive financial fraud and the facilitation of rapes and sexual assaults are reprehensible and clearly criminal. By allowing the Ribacoff’s and these individuals to continue to operate, others may suffer the same fate as the Plaintiff. CBN is following this case closely and will report as more developments unfold.

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